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RMC registration requires you to set up a Customized Weather Page using the Form below.

Fill out this Form and press SUBMIT to create your customized Weather Page. Fields marked with * are required.

* First and Last Name
* Affiliation (whom you work for?)
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* Enter a Title for your customized Weather Page (e.g. the name of your area of interest).

* Select a default Geographic Area to access Met. Stations providing real-time Weather Observations. Click here to view a list of states for each Geographic Area.

* Select a preferred Domain for displaying Weather Maps (Note that your customized Web Page always provides access to Continental-scale weather intelligence in addition to the weather information for your Domain. Thus, selecting 'Continental USA' only makes sense if you are exclusively interested in large-scale weather, and have no preference for any local region).

Select up to 15 Weather Fields (Parameters) to display as 2D maps on your customized Weather Page via direct links. The acronym MOCA used in some parameter names stands for a Model Output Calibrated field. Leave unchanged the fields you do not need.

* Select a preferred Region for mapping Forecast Points (This is different from the Weather Mapping Domain above!)

Enter the IDs of up to 100 Weather Forecast Points to be linked directly to your customized Web page. Start with the most significant (favorite) point. Point IDs must be separated by spaces! Use our Point Picker utility (links below) to quickly select your weather points via simple mouse clicks on a map:

   User-Defined Locations   METAR Stations   RAWS Sites.

For METAR stations and RAWS sites, RMC provides both forecast information and observed weather data. For User-Defined Points, only weather forecast is available. If you'd like to get weather info for a location that is not currently on the RMC System, you must submit a new point to RMC first. Entering the name of an unregistered point in the text area on the right will not automatically produce weather intelligence for that location! Note that newly submitted points may not show up on the RMC System until the next day.

Select up to 15 NFDRS Indices with preferred Fuel Models (FM) to be displayed on your customized Weather Page via direct links. Leave unchanged the fields you do not need.                              

* Choose a User ID (no spaces, case insensitive, alphanumeric) to identify your RMC Profile. Once submitted, a User ID cannot be modified later on!
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